Photo by Joey Phoenix Photography.

Nate Buchman is a 36 year old photographer based out of Los Angeles but originally from Boston, MA. Photography is his form of self expression whether it's bringing a conceptual portrait to life, working with other artists & designers, or documenting events that tend to go under the radar. He takes inspiration from movies, TV, video games, fashion, and comics. He is available for work in the Los Angeles area.

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Indie Megabooth
The Boston Globe
Geeks Are Sexy
Nerd Caliber

2010 - Castleton University, BA in Theatre Arts, Minor in Mass Media Communications

2016 - The First Five Years, Uforge Gallery, Jamaica Plains, MA
2016 - Camera Obscura, Uforge Gallery, Jamaica Plains, MA
2012 - Red Fork Empire Ethereal Exhibition, Watch City Festival, Waltham, MA

2015 - 2015 Lookbook, Emporium 32, Boston, MA

2013 - "Anatomy of Steampunk: The Fashion of Victorian Futurism" by Katherine Gleason, Race Point Publishing

2015 - "Cosplay, Comics, and Community: The Faces of Anime Boston 2015," BDCwire
2015 - "From Cosplay To Game Dev: The Best And Brightest Of PAX East 2015," BDCwire
2014 - "Granite State Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Gallery by Nate Buchman," NerdCaliber
2014 - "The Best Dressed Cosplayers Of Boston Comic Con 2014," BDCwire
2014 - "Mr. T to Mortal Kombat: the best dressed of PAX East 2014," BDCwire
2014 - "Anime Boston 2014: The best costumes, the worst, and everything in between," BDCwire
2012 - "Something in the Wind”: Sally Cosplay Shoot," Geeks Are Sexy
2012 - "More Photos from DragonCon 2012," Geeks Are Sexy
2012 - "Dragon*Con or bust: Fans arrive in Atlanta," CNN's Geek Out!
2012 - "The Cosplay Photography of IndieNate," Nerd Caliber

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